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I and my colleagues in the Council for Development of Stem Cell Sciences and Technologies are proud to announce that stem cells sciences and regenerative medicine (SCRM), as a productive field of knowledge, is developing at a very rapid pace in our country, with the dedicated efforts of our prominent professors, young and passionate researchers, emerging knowledge-based companies and futuristic decision makers. In view of our achievements in this area of science, we are going to host the second scientific gathering "The 2nd National Festival and International Congress on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine" in Tehran in July 2017 with the participation of all students, scholars, researchers and other stakeholders in the field.
Stem cell sciences and technologies have growingly attracted the attention of university students, scientists and researchers. The advancements of SCRM as well as investments recently made by the major companies in this field, have paved way for hopeful future of lasting treatment for refractory and terminal diseases. These developments show that SCRM can play a significant role in future of the heath market. Hence, mastering this strategic knowledge can further boost the scientific status of our country at international levels.  


The ISSCR Lists the 2nd National Festival and International Congress of Stem Cells among the International Stem Cell Meetings Happening around the World
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